The table below is shows the details of dividends declared to shareholders of United Wire Factories Company ( ASLAK ) :
Announced DateDue DateDistribution DatePeriodYearType of profitBankDistribution WayAmount
26/02/201726/03/201710/04/20172nd H2016CashAlrajhi BankAccount Transfer0.65
19/07/201628/07/201611/08/20161st H2016CashAlrajhi BankAccount Transfer1
24/02/201630/03/201618/04/20162nd H2015CashAlrajhi BankAccount Transfer0.65
22/07/201530/07/201512/08/20151st H2015CashAlrajhi BankAccount Transfer0.8
24/04/201503/05/201520/05/20152nd H2014CashAlrajhi BankAccount Transfer0.5
04/04/201406/04/201430/04/2014Fractional Share2014Fractional ShareAlrajhi BankAccount TransferN/A
21/07/201407/08/201426/08/20141st H2014CashAlrajhi BankAccount Transfer1.25
17/07/201323/07/201320/08/20131st H2013CashAlrajhi BankAccount Transfer1.25
14/04/201314/04/201311/05/2013Fractional Share2013Fractional ShareAlrajhi BankAccount TransferN/A
16/10/201223/10/201220/11/20121st H2012CashAlrajhi BankAccount Transfer1.25
07/02/201221/03/201204/04/20122nd H2011CashAlrajhi BankAccount Transfer1
02/10/201108/10/201126/10/20111st H2011CashANB BankAccount Transfer0.75
United Wire Factories Company is keen on the rights of shareholders eligible for dividend for a previous years, and previously approved dispensing them were received by them as a result of the invalidity of their addresses or account numbers associated with their accounts investment, has provided service company query about profits due electronically via the link below.
To queries about cash of the profits click here