About :
United Wire Factories Company Progress a bouquet of integrated services to its clients include the implementation of different kinds of fencing projects and by providing materials and accessories manufactured and installed the necessary, the company also owns a working group privileged to ensure quality and speed of delivery.
The materials used in Projects :
Includes mesh fencing and barbed wire and wire tensile and tie-down and pipes installed by the Shabak and accessories required for the installation process is represented in: Columns trusses, cover Aluminium columns struts, simplified flatten Block , Shaddad flatten wire, Agafiz to link repayment with the pipe, cover galvanized over the pipe, arm spiky single or paired over the pipe, Sikh 10 mm flatten Block , nail with a hook to connect the Sikh 10 mm, 8 mm nail with nut for Agafiz, nail 10 mm with two thorny flatten, concertina barbed wire spiral, the gates of all sizes.