Aslak’s History

in Wednesday 15/07/2020,  the General Assembly extraordinary Meeting approved to reduce the company’s capital from 438.75 million riyals to 351 million riyals.
2014 :
in Sunday 06/04/2014 was approved by the General Assembly extraordinary fifth to raise the company’s capital from 390 million riyals to 438.75 million riyals.
2013 :
in Wednesday,10/04/2013 was approved by the General Assembly extraordinary fourth to raise the company’s capital from 325 million riyals to 390 million riyals.
2011 :
in the day Sunday, 21/09/1432 , 21/08/2011 began trading United Wire Factories Co. within the building and construction sector code 1301.
In 12/08/2011 was put (9.750.000 ordinary shares), representing 30% of the company’s shares for public subscription in the period between 01/08/2011 to 07/08/2011.
In 07/17/1432 , 19/06/2011 decision was issued CMA No. 2-21-2011 to agree on a 30% stake in United Wire Factories Co. for public subscription.
In 02/04/2011 was approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly to raise the company’s capital to 325 million SR.
2008 :
United Wire Factories Co. turned into a closed joint stock company under the Ministerial Decree No. (45 / S) On 02/12/1429 H corresponding to 19/02/2008 AD.
2007 :
The acquisition of Manufacturers ( Al-Saqir for hangers and Saqir for wire drawing) owned by Al-Saqir company for Trading and Contracting and granting quotas kind.
In 15/04/2007 increase its capital to 206,500,000 SR.
2006 :
In late 2006 Was Merged companies and institutions following with Gulf Wire Co. Ltd :
1- Riyadh wire Factory Co. Ltd
2- Saudi Factory Foundation for galvanized wire , wire fence and nails and branches
Then The company’s name was amended to become (United Wire Factories Co.) and the total of factories is 8 factories.
1996 :
Started of the Production galvanizing line and Manufacture of the Baling Wires in the Gulf Wire Co. Ltd .
1990 :
Founded Gulf wires co . Ltd – a limited liability company with a capital of 3,000,000 SR and started producing Baling Wires as a major producer.