United Wire Factories Company

Saudi public joint stock company

United Wire Factories Company (ASLAK) is one of the leading and distinct industrial firm in Saudi Arabia, ASLAK is specialized in manufacturing steel wire products that covers wide range of customers in different sectors; (industrial, construction, and civil). ASLAK was operating since 1990 through eight factories scattered around different regions in Saudi Arabia, throughout this period, ASLAK had built a strong relations of national and international customers through delivering quality of products, genuine commitment, and Competitive Advantage. ASLAK management team strongly believes in quarterly targets and longer term strategies, in addition to their strong knowledge of how business works and what brings sustained growth and market leadership. ASLAK was transformed from private to a public company in Aug 2011, and its shares are listed in Saudi Stock Exchange (TADAWUL) with the symbol ID 1301.

Products and Services


ASLAK Progress a bouquet of integrated services to its clients include the implementation of different kinds of fencing projects and by providing materials and accessories manufactured.


ASLAK is a result of a merger of a group of factories that owned decades of experience as well as trained and skillful labor. Hence, ASLAK earned the vision and insight in production and in dealing with the market dynamics which enabled ASLAK to steadily increase its profits and moving upward even under severe economic crisis.


Has helped Our attention to quality standards in the providing of products and services as raising Ability technological and improving the productive capacity of the company’s factories and strengthen the capacity to Competition in the local markets where the products have high quality wires as apart from Competitive products in the market.

Customers Services

ASLAK realized since its inception that a key to success is creating effective and continuous channels of communication with its existing and potential customers. This created an interactive database that enables ASLAK to follow-up on all of its sales transactions, open files to customers, maintain records for all events, reports and opinions.
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