Aslak’s Strategy

ASLAK was able to achieve leadership in the industry by having a considerable market share in the world of manufacturing metal wires through its keenness and commitment to a systematic business plan based on key pillars, including:
Commitment to The Highest Standards of Quality :
Our attention to quality standards in providing products and services has contributed to raising the technical abilities and productive capacities of the Company’s factories and enhancing the competitiveness in the local market. With its high quality products, ASLAK distinguished itself from competing products and rivals in the market place, which qualified ASLAK to obtain the international quality control certificate, ISO/QMS 9001:2008.
Continuous Communication With Clients :
ASLAK realized since its inception that a key to success is creating effective and continuous channels of communication with its existing and potential customers. This created an interactive database that enables ASLAK to follow-up on all of its sales transactions, open files to customers, maintain records for all events, reports and opinions and respond to them immediately, which reflects positively on product development and support services.
Specialized Exhibitions and Conferences :
ASLAK strives not only to follow up and monitor the industrial developments, but also to be part of the evolving events through active participation in exhibitions and seminars held in the Arabian Gulf, Europe, and Asia in relation to fields of machinery and equipment related to the Company’s activities, in order to exchange experience and develop the productive capacities that would reduce the production costs while maintaining high quality by following the state of the art technologies.
Research and Development :
Due to the fact that industrial investment is one of the main pillars of the economy, ASLAK constantly research for new technologies to meet the challenges and adapt positively and timely to market variables, which is an important element to highlight the values of competitiveness in this new technological era, ASLAK also examines and analyzes the current economic data and trends to create and update the growth drivers toward a prosperous future, develop production and marketing plans and apply them to all aspects of the strategy. In addition to its strong faith in continually supporting and developing this investment, ASLAK considers research and development as a cornerstone for the business.