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   Value Added Tax - Customer

Dear Valued Customer,
With reference to the recently published rules and regulation, by the General Authority Of Zakat & Tax, which are related to the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries; United Wire Factories Company (ASLAK) has embarked on a VAT implementation initiative with the objective of ensuring a smooth transition to the VAT environment on 1st January 2018 G. As ASLAK’s valued customer, your readiness to comply with these new regulations will be critical to ensure the successful implementation of VAT. Therefore, all of the customers registered with ASLAK & its Affiliates must be registered in the VAT System of the General Authority of Zakat & Tax ( more information is available on the website ) In addition, we would like to raise the following points for your kind attention:

• Our customers need to provide us with their VAT Registration Number, Special Number, billing address or a copy of the registration certificate on the email: [email protected]
• All goods and services invoices issued from ASLAK & its Affiliates will include your VAT number and VAT amount (the applicable VAT rate is 5% on the Gross).
• ASLAK might be required to amend its standard terms and conditions based on the new VAT regulations, and any change will be communicated to all impacted parties.

Kind Regards,
VAT Implementation Team
United Wire Factories Company

Download the VAT registration certificate of ASLAK

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