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the Prospectus provides you a full details of the information relating to the United Wire Factories Company (ASLAK) and offered shares, and also contain to details given in compliance with the Listing Rules issued by the Capital Market Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And will be treated investors who apply to subscribe for shares in IPO on the basis that their claims are based on information contained in this Prospectus. The information contained in this publication as at the date hereof is subject to change, and in particular can be affected by the financial situation of the company and the value of shares in a negative future developments with respect to factors of inflation and interest rates and taxes or any economic factors or other political beyond the control of the company. It should not be considered or interpreted or otherwise rely on editing this publication nor any oral or written communications or printed with regard to IPO shares or interpret a promise or a statement in respect of dividends or results or future events. Also should not consider this publication as a recommendation from the company or the selling shareholders or any of their advisers the company in the IPO, and considered the information in the IPO this general nature and has been prepared without taking into account the investment objectives or individual financial situation or needs private investment, and each recipient for this newsletter before making an investment decision responsibility to obtain independent professional advice regarding underwriting to assess the suitability of the information contained in this publication objectives and financial situation and needs of its own.

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