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United Wire Factories Co. is a joint stock company, seeking to enhance the shareholders’ ROI and gain the trust of the society in general. The company believes in fair disclosure of news and information with all shareholders, investors, analysts, and everyone who is interested in the market, and provides accurate information to them about the financial situation of the company. The purpose behind the events organized by the investor relations department in ASLAK is to support shareholders, investors and other financial market participants to understand the company better, and encourage them to properly evaluate, and contribute their opinions to the company's management. In order to achieve the highest degree of transparency, ASLAK team is committed for the continuous, fair, and quick disclosure.

The Investors’ Relations in ASLAK provides several services to the shareholders by responding to their inquiries, maintain their records, disclose the changes in major shareholders’ equity to the regulators, publishing the financial statements and updates the company news through Tadawul website first and then through the company's website, and dividends distribution operations. The department is playing a vital role in strengthening the relations between the shareholders and the higher management.

For more information about the last years’ financial statements, you may visit the financial statements webpage under this section, and you may go over the latest news by clicking on the announcement page under media center section. 

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