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   About Aslak

United Wire Factories Company (“ASLAK” or “the Company”) was established as a limited liability Company in 1990. and in the end of the year 2006 , a group of companies and establishments that enjoy extensive experience in wires manufacturing were merged in one new company “ASLAK”, thus enabling the new company to own eight factories distributed across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The merger resulted in a huge hub for production of metal wires, bringing together a wide bundle of products spanning across all civil, agricultural and Industrial Productss. In keeping with its successes, and within a record time, ASLAK was converted in 2008 from a limited liability company into a closed joint stock company, with its head of?ce in Riyadh. The Company was transformed later into a public joint stock company through an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) following a decision announced by the Capital Market Authority (“CMA”) on June 19, 2011 to have its shares publicly traded in the Saudi Stock Exchange (“Tadawul”).

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