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   Competitive advantages

In view of working in an open and encouraging economic world that features high competition among rivals, competitors who enjoy competitive advantages and high capacity to maintain such advantages over time are able to succeed and proceed steadily and continuously

   Diversity of End Products :

ASLAK produces a diverse range of products of multiple uses ful?lling a wide range of civil, construction, industrial and agricultural needs.


   Geographical Distribution :

ASLAK owns eight factories distributed in Riyadh, Jeddah, Buraidah and Khamis Mushayt, thus helping it to spread and timely meet the needs of the market, and enabling ASLAK to be present near active markets in most regions of the Kingdom.

   Extensive Experience :

ASLAK is a result of a merger of a group of factories that owned decades of experience as well as trained and skillful labor. Hence, ASLAK earned the vision and insight in production and in dealing with the market dynamics which enabled ASLAK to steadily increase its pro?ts and moving upward even under severe economic crisis.


   High Production Capacity :

ASLAK applies state-of-the-art production lines in its areas of production, which enables it to take advantage of mass production, while maintaining the international quality standards of its products, thus striking the right balance in the world of industry and promoting its ability to respond immediately to any abnormal market requirements.


   Strong Relationships with Suppliers :

ASLAK is linked with close and well established relationship network with its key suppliers, especially suppliers of raw materials, including a distinguished relations with SABIC and other international suppliers to ensure the continuous ?ow of raw materials necessary for its operations. Through this continuous communication with suppliers, ASLAK is able to manage market conditions which results in helping it to take the necessary informative decisions to respond to the variables of the global markets.

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